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Professional Services


o    Management Solutions 
o    Financial Systems & Modeling 
o    Technology Solutions 
o    Logistics Support Services 
o    Scientific Research & Management 

o    Energy Systems & Management 
o    Staffing Solutions 
o    Military Systems 
o    Health Systems 
o    Communication Systems 

Our Experience

Explore some of our completed projects:


U.S. Army Cost and Performance Portal (CPP) General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS)  

Location: Ft. Belvoir
Contract No.: W91CRB13C0047
Total Contract Value: $14,391,046


NTVI provided the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) for the web-based applications to the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Financial Management and Comptroller (ASA FM&C) in support of the Cost and Performance Portal (CPP) and the General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) using Oracle APEX and Java technologies in support of ASA FM&C’s mission. NTVI developed, designed, and maintained a data warehouse and an extensive variety of financial metrics and analytics within the CPP.

U.S. General Services Administration Digital Dental Radiology Solution (DDRS)

Image by Umanoide

Location: Wright-Patterson AFB, OH and Robins AFB, GA
Contract No.: GS05T11BMC0024
Contract Value: $4,215,391


NTVI successfully operated, maintained and enhanced the Air Force Medical Operations Agency Dental Directorates (AFMOA/SGD) Digital Dental Radiology Solution, a digital picture archiving and communications system that acquires, stores, and displays in excess of 3.5 million imagery files.

U.S. Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Scientific Independent Expert Peer Review


Location: CONUS
Contract No.: 1305M219DNFFK0025
Total Contract Value: $6,601,898


Working with a diverse pool of over 500 vetted, independent and highly qualified experts, NTVI has completed more than 300 independent peer reviews and almost 700 independent peer review reports valuating individual and system-wide programs related to fisheries stock assessments, population  modeling and dynamics, ecology, marine mammalogy, protected species, oceanography, acoustics,  remote sensing, advanced and emerging scientific methods, statistics, economics, and economic impact  studies and assessment, among others.

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