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A Strong Commitment to providing quality Results for our Customers

Completing projects on schedule, within budget, while consistently producing the highest quality product to specifications

Understanding our customers’ unique technology and support requirements, challenges, and goals across several distinct service areas

NTVI’s contracting success benefits Baan O Yeel Kon Corporation shareholders and their future by providing employment, dividends, scholarships, sponsorships, and more

History & Organization

Northern Taiga Ventures, Inc., (NTVI) was established by Baan O Yeel Kon Corporation in 1993 for the purpose of serving government customers.  NTVI was certified as a SBA 8(a) from 2002-2011.  NTVI Federal, Inc., was created in 2005 as a holding company - a company created to buy and possess the shares of other companies, which it then controls.

NTVI Federal, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer reports to the NTVI Board of Directors and oversees a team of qualified management professionals and project managers with extensive hands-on experience and know-how in construction, professional services, and/or facilities management.

NTVI Federal Inc.’s family of small companies

o    Builds and maintains long-term relationships with our customers 

o    Collaborates with our customers, joint-venture partners, and subcontractors for excellent results

o    Delivers finished products on-time, budget and schedule

Directly benefiting individual and corporate Alaska Native Shareholders

Maintaining village connections

Strong Cultural Values

Board Members, Employees, Interns

NTVI Office Locations


NTVI Family of Companies

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