Professional Services


Contract Vehicles

  • SeaPort-e (Prime)
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) CIO-SP3
  • Veterans Administration (VA) T4

Professional Services Customers

  • General Services Administration
  • Defense Logistics Agency  (DLA)
  • Defense Suicide Prevention Office
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Health & Human Services (HHS)/Indian Health Services (IHS)
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
  • US Army
  • US Navy
  • US Air Force


Our highly skilled personnel have decades of experience providing professional services to the Federal Government and private industry, as well as performing on management services, Information Technology services, Information Technology system development, and specialized support contracts.

Management Services

  • Advisory and Assistance Services(A&AS)
  • Program Evaluation and Governance
  • Policy and Regulatory Support
  • Scientific Publication

Information Technology Systems & Software Development Services

  • IT and Professional Services Support
  • Network and Systems Analysis, Development, Integration, and Administration, Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
  • Software Analysis, Engineering, Development, and Integration
  • Tier I/II, Help Desk/Desktop Support
  • Web and Database Administration and Development
  • Data Center Design/Build and Operation
  • Data Warehousing/Data Mining
  • Information Assurance/Certification & Accreditation (IA/C&A)
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Training and Development of Training materials
  • Software and Systems Documentation Support

Specialized Support Services

  • Cost Analysis and Financial Planning, Programing, Budget, Execution (PPB&E)
  • Operations Research Systems Analysis (ORSA)
  • Strategy Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Technical and Scientific Expertise

Technical and Scientific Services

  • Technical and Scientific Expertise and Publication
  • Health and Human Systems Consulting
  • Human Capital Development / Management
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Organizational Development / Transformation


Management Services

A&AS Support
– US Air Force
  • NTVI provides planning, programming, Help Desk support, operations analysis, Subject Matter Experts (SME), public relations and human capital management support, executive administration, clerical, technical and oversight support for the Digital Dental Radiology System (DDRS) in the office of the Air Force Surgeon General.
– DEA (Recently Transitioned)
  • In support of the Office of Special Intelligence, NTVI assists in implementing security policies, procedures, standards, training and methods for identifying and protecting information, personnel, property, facilities, and classified operations from unauthorized disclosure, misuse, theft, sabotage or loss.
  • NTVI assists in the administrative portion of the Certification and Accreditation effort for all systems and networks supporting the Office of Special Intelligence.
  • NTVI provides shipping and receiving services for all newly purchased IT equipment and enters inventory data into the Federal Acquisition System (FAS).
  • NTVI provides administrative support staff in functional areas such as mailroom operations, messenger services, supply requisitioning, real property management and management of an inventory of over 3000 pieces of information technology equipment.
– Indian Health Services / HHS
  • In support of the Head Start (HS) program, NTVI provides technical administrative program support to the IHS HS Program Team Leader and professional staff.
  • NTVI staff members assist in the interpretation and adaptation of Office of Head Start (OHS) and IHS guidelines and standards, policies and procedures.
  • NTVI personnel provide governance to ensure that OHS projects are executed in accordance with established means and methods, and are within proper timelines and constraints.
  • NTVI has developed a tracking system for initiatives for technical assistance, follow-up and results, development and assessment of evaluations and reports which identify the health training and technical assistance needs of OHS AI/AN grantees.
  • NTVI coordinates American Indian (AI)/Alaska Native (AN) HS grantee technical assistance activities and follow-up; coordinates deadlines with staff as needed; captures minutes and timely reporting of significant issues to appropriate senior staff; prepares progress reports, establishing, managing and maintaining project documentation; identifies, tracks and coordinates multiple priorities and projects as assigned; performs independent problem solving with follow-up of  priorities with the HS Team Leader; participates in and documents short and long term strategic plans; and, contributes to the development of documentation and publishing reports for the OHS program.

Information Technology Services and Systems Development

US Navy – Special Forces

NTVI designed, developed, tested, implemented, deployed and trained users of the Special Warfare Automated Logistics Information System (SWALIS). SWALIS has been endorsed as an authorized Accountable Property System of Record (APSR). NTVI support included SWALIS interfaces with SWIFT, COLTS, and FleetFocus. SWALIS support includes the development of user and training manuals, business process re-engineering (BPR), and establishing procedures that govern data entry and use of SWALIS. The SWALIS inventory data is mined for presentation and use by senior commodity managers. 

In addition, NTVI provides architecture design and application design, coding, unit test, ORACLE application administration; Application Design, Coding, Unit Testing on Hand Held devices using ORACLE’s mobile server and ORACLE Lite; System integration and data migration from legacy systems; Web services interfacing for data exchange with other systems; ORACLE database and applications patching support; System maintenance and enhancements; Local Quality Assurance/Configuration Management; and, Information Assurance/Security awareness.

Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC)

NTVI is under contract to identify a single inventory application that employs automated identification technology, has the ability to publish/consume data services, to integrate with NECC business processes, and to serve as the authoritative source and accountable record for inventory information.  Specific tasks include:

  • Studies and analysis of existing NCF/NECC inventory governance
  • Business process analysis of existing NECC processes
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Development of several pilot projects
US Army – Assistant Secretary of the Army

In support of the Cost and Performance Portal (CPP), NTVI provides:

  • Oracle Infrastructure support – Install, configure, upgrade, maintain, design and tune servers and the Oracle product suite
  • Data warehouse support – Design, develop and populate a Data Warehouse. Correlate  financial, HR, Pay, Property data to support performance metrics
  • Metrics – Perform Data mining in order to present performance metrics information to Army leaders via web portal/dashboard

In support of the General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), NTVI provides:

  • Design and development of a GFEBS configuration model to configure SAP software to meet Army accounting/reporting needs
  • Maintenance of the GFEBS implementation plan
  • Evaluate effectiveness in meeting Army needs
  • Application of best practices and lessons learned to Army’s GFEBS rollout plans
Defense Logistics Agency – Software Development and Documentation

The NTVI team provides programming, documentation and technical support to DLA for a number of DLA’s worldwide systems, including the Distribution Standard System (DSS), the Distribution Planning and Management System (DPMS), the Project Consolidation and Packaging System (PC&P), the Total Package Fielding (TPF) system, the Equipment Control System (ECS), the EAGLE Time and Attendance system, and the Small Arms Serialization Program (SASP). •NTVI’s support includes security awareness, information assurance, database management and systems administration.

In addition to software development, NTVI prepares manuals, provides training, performs business process re-engineering and evaluates the effectiveness of specific functional implementations. NTVI also establishes policies and procedures for the utilization of the systems we develop.

USAF Federal Health Futures Group (FHFG)

The Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA), Air Force (AF) Surgeon General AFMSA/SG5I provides oversight, direction, policy and resources to leverage science and technology, information systems and industry, transforming medical service capabilities to address critical long-term challenges in support of the USAF. NTVI provides:

  • Program management, administrative support and subject matter experts in support of the Federal Health Futures Group
  • Website development, maintenance and management
  • Support to strategic roadmap development
  • Support to “futuring” techniques that were established by the FHFG
  • Graphic artists who turn visions into graphics
  • Tech writers who conduct extensive research and publish medical journal articles
  • Medical Expertise
  • Psychological Expertise
  • Training and Training Systems Development
  • Military expertise
  • Professional Business Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Meeting facilitators

Specialized Support

National Marine Fisheries Service

NTVI supports the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Fisheries Service by assembling world renowned scientists to provide objective technical and scientific expertise, independent from external influences, and possessing the capabilities to provide impartial, comprehensive comments and practical advice, through outside peer reviews on scientific topics.

NTVI efforts include:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Mining stock assessment data to determine fisheries trends
  • Website development
  • Publishing results of scientific research
  • Evaluating the results of policies (e.g., the impact of new fishing regulations)
  • Recommending governance policies related to the preservation of fish and mammal species
  • Special studies including fishery socioeconomics, input/output modeling studies, fish population dynamics and acoustics.
Clergy Support – US Army

NTVI provides musicians, faith group specific clergy (i.e., Priest, Imam, Rabbi, etc.) and Choir Directors/Cantors for three worship centers.

Facility Management – US Army

NTVI provides facility management for three worship centers, coordination of all work orders pertaining to the maintenance of the buildings and the coordination of 1,100 annual programs and activities, and the 90,000 people, utilizing these facilities annually.