Facilities Management



Fort Lee – Virginia

NTVI provided facilities management for the Fort Lee Army Post, managing multiple US Army worship centers including 1,100 programs a year with annual participation in excess of 90,000. Building specific functions pertaining to the management of the worship centers include repairing leaks, appliances, glass, walls and doors, re-dividing work space, allocating keys and re-keying activities, and maintaining associated equipment, chapel furniture and floors. NTVI is also responsible for coordinating, scheduling and managing the activities utilizing the facilities as well as executing community level activities.

GSA – Washington, DC

NTVI has provided Facility Management Services to the GSA Headquarters building, in Washington DC, which covers approximately 764,400 SF of space. NTVI manages services, labor, materials, supplies, and equipment towards the operations and maintenance of the building. The combination of professional and skilled trade personnel are responsible for maintenance and repairs for electrical systems, mechanical systems, architecture/structural systems, irrigation systems, physical security systems, storm drainage systems, roofing systems and parking control systems.


ILEA – Roswell, NM

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) International Law Enforcement Academies (ILEA) work to create partnerships with other countries to establish international laws to prevent narcotics trade, corruption, gang-related and transnational organized crime. DOS ILEA’s mission is to aid in developing international agency policies and programs to promote stable environments, good governance, and stronger civic institutions. NTVI assists the DOS ILEA in meeting this critical mission by providing a world-class facilities management, maintenance, and logistics support environment for International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) located in Roswell, New Mexico. NTVI provides a customized operational umbrella tailored to the ILEA program for vital continuity. Services under the operational umbrella are as follows: Administrative Functions| Facility Maintenance & Management | Utilities | IT/Business Machine Maintenance | International Delegation Logistic Support |Cultural Activities | Transportation | Emergency Medical Services | Capitol Improvement | Catering | Hoteling